anthony's Liquors

Anthony’s Liquors has a little bar in the front, if you didn’t know that now you do. But wait! There’s more. “You’re not going to ruin this, are you?” I don’t always mention when I’m writing about a place because it can feel gross and false. Instead I like to hang around, observe and chat as long as possible so I get a little bit more of a genuine feeling about the place. I was halfway through my second pint and talking with the couple next to me when I mentioned that I was a work and that I was writing about Anthony’s Liquors on 33rd Street. Mary was concerned that people would find out about Anthony’s and that she and her husband, Steve, who have a place walking distance from the iconic liquor store, wouldn’t have the place to themselves. When cool places get popular, it calls to mindContinue Reading

baywater hydroponics

Baywater Farms has been in the hydroponics business since about 2010, but the family farm has been in operation for much, much longer.