Bartender Profiles

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These bartender profiles include a little background on some of the region’s most popular mixologists and some of the top restaurants and bars. After all, there’s nothing like getting a drink from a bartender who really knows their stuff.

Holly lane cafe azafran cosmopolitan

Holly Lane Will Make You Way More Cosmopolitan

September 18, 2018

Holly Lane's specialty is singing, but she literally shakes things up while doing it. Meet Cafe Azafran's singing bartender.

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Bartender david engel at a(Muse) rehoboth beach

You Need to Try the Corpse Reviver at a(Muse) in Rehoboth

August 8, 2018

David Engel is a bartender who really knows his stuff, and after decades of traveling he's found a home at a(Muse) in Rehoboth.

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Manhattans at big fish

You’ll Love the Manhattans at Big Fish

August 1, 2018

Whether she's making Manhattans at Big Fish or just pulling beers, to bartender Michele Smith, everyone is a regular. A small group of bartenders and servers were waiting around the bar at Big Fish in Rehoboth. Not really hanging out, more like checking in. The beach restaurant usually has a line outside prior to opening and, for as much anticipation as people have to come in there was a proportionate amount on the inside among...

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Bethany Boathouse Sangria

Bethany Boathouse Makes a Sangria You’ll Love for Sure

May 14, 2018

Even though she grew up in Bethany Beach Melanie Petrie still gets surprised by how the resort has changed over the years. It’s not just because Bethany is lot less sleepy than it used to be, it also because it angles toward trendy in a way she hadn’t imagined even a little more than a decade ago. The Bethany Boathouse is a great example of why. She still sees the shadows of the old Bethany...

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