patsys restaurant bethany beach

Patsy’s Restaurant used to be the new kid on the block, then one day it was part of the establishment. When her mom, Patsy, opened the now-iconic Bethany Beach restaurant Robin Rankin took up running the front of the house, hostessing, waiting tables, whatever was needed to help get the family restaurant on its feet. Before too long, though, she made her way back into the kitchen. After all, the mother/daughter team each had attended L’academie de Cuisine in Bethesda to help them each elevate their cooking skills. Patsy’s focus had been in bread and pastries when the family lived in Washington D.C. and she brought those sensibilities to bear when she opened her eponymous restaurant, which started with more of a sandwich shop vibe. By the time Robin moved into the kitchen in 2005 Patsy’s Restaurant in Bethany Beach was transitioning to more of a casual/fine dining place. Patsy’sContinue Reading

Bethany Boathouse Sangria

Even though she grew up in Bethany Beach Melanie Petrie still gets surprised by how the resort has changed over the years. It’s not just because Bethany is lot less sleepy than it used to be, it also because it angles toward trendy in a way she hadn’t imagined even a little more than a decade ago. The Bethany Boathouse is a great example of why. She still sees the shadows of the old Bethany Beach during her regular shifts behind the bar at the Cottage Cafe. People love the place because it is predictable. They know what they’re going to get and, if they’ve been a regular for long enough, the odds are Petrie does as well. She calls people by name, and they return the familiarity even going so far as to do the occasional chop busting. “I can tell you what 75 percent of the people inContinue Reading