Life at the Beach: The happy hour todcast

In this week’s episode Greg Goldman and Natalie DeHart join Todd and Tony to talk about 10 years of taking the good side of fun and amplifying it.

Life at the Beach: The happy hour todcast

In this episode (although it does go a little off the rails) Todd and Tony tackle the upsides of visiting the beach in March, including winning the weather lottery, not having to wait for a seat in the better restaurants and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Ocean City. They also tackle the racial and cultural difficulties people sometimes have with St. Pat’s and other cultural festivals more generally.

side hustle

Employment can be spotty off season, especially in a resort area, but tons of people here have  side hustles to get them through.

new years eve

In this episode, Todd and Tony are joined by Greg Goldman to talk about the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve whether you’re at the beach or elsewhere.

celebrity selfie

Celebrity sightings aren’t that unusual at the beach, especially given that it’s a resort and famous people go on vacation too. In this episode Todd and Tony relate some stories and insights expanding upon the previous selfie etiquette episode.