Salisbury, Maryland: A Visitors Guide

Salisbury maryland riverwalk A western view of the Salisbury, Md. Riverwalk.

Salisbury at the center of Maryland’s Eastern Shore is a great jumping off place to visit everything from Ocean City to Easton, St. Michales to Rehoboth Beach and even Virginia’s Eastern Shore. This page is a collection of stories an information about local events, some restaurants and things to do and the different people and places that make this small city unique.

A City Apart

In addition to being the financial center of the peninsula, Salisbury is home to Salisbury University, part of the University of Maryland system, as well as a burgeoning arts and entertainment district that attracts people from all over the region for shopping and eating as well as experiencing the visual and performing arts.

Outdoor Venues

The Wicomico River near the downtown increasingly is a place for concerts and festivals. The town built an amphitheater right on the river in anticipation of hosting the National Arts and Crafts Festival from 2018 through 2021.

A Revitalized Downtown

By promoting its 3rd Friday Art events among other endeavors, the city was able to reinvigorate its downtown and encourage not only restaurants and retail, but also artists and residential developers to return the city to the kind of traffic not seen in its walkable downtown in decades.