The truth is, Delmar Pizza is more than a local restaurant

Delmar pizza and 3rd wave beer

Since opening in 1991, Delmar Pizza has been a community staple as much for its food as for its involvement with the larger community. Certainly there is the pizza, and the pizza is unquestionably fantastic. In fact, it is so good that it is easy to be surprised at how great the other food they make is.

Recently, Daron Bear of Willards and Danny Brunk of Salisbury spent an afternoon at Delmar Pizza enjoying a couple plates of chicken wings. The wings, they said, were the best in the area.

“We try and get here once a week,” Brunk said.

The dining area was busy for 3 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon. By Friday night it would be packed and during football season the entire town seeming spends Friday pre- and post- game at Delmar Pizza.

Pizza Friday 

Many of the families will be in “Pizza Friday” mode, but just as many will be enjoying their own favorite dishes. As with Bear and Brunk everyone has a favorite non-pizza dish they get from Delmar Pizza and they are always happy to tell you about it. Ask someone what they’re having and they will tell you not just what they’re eating, but also how great it is, all the way down the line.

The restaurant has been voted both Best Pizza and Best Italian Restaurant for the last 13 years.

The reason is simple, according to owner and general manager George Piperis.

“Everything is made on premises every day,” he said. “That definitely makes the food better.”

Using fresh ingredients and putting all the menu items together from scratch makes a noticeable difference in the taste. That seems clear enough, but it also makes a difference in the attitude. When you order something from Delmar Pizza a staff member makes it for you. Their name is behind it and there’s a certain pride in doing something well for someone else to enjoy. Whether they are making pizza from scratch or putting together a salad to bring to a table, the folks at Delmar Pizza know that, not only is there a face to go with the order, it likely is the face of one of their neighbors.

Giving Back

Similarly, the server who brings it and the busser who takes it away has a pride not only in what they do but also in where they work. Over the last nearly-25 years, Delmar Pizza has worked to earn people’s respect and business every day. In that time the restaurant has become something of the center of the community.

It is the rare Delmar fundraiser that doesn’t benefit from a gift certificate to raffle off or pizzas delivered to feed hungry volunteers. From donations of food, funds or promotional consideration, Delmar Pizza always can be counted on to do its part for the community.

“Really the way I look at it, it’s the least we can do,” Piperis said. “If they didn’t support us we wouldn’t be as successful as we are.”

Delmar Pizza has what might be called a restaurant side and a Carryout side that is designed more like a pizza parlor. The restaurant side is again split. On one half, there are a number of booths and dimmer lighting for people who are looking for a quieter meal. The other half is directed to larger groups of people, big families, teams of clubs out for the evening. This section has, for instance, arcade games so children can busy themselves if the adults want to take their time eating and socializing during the meal.

The Carryout side, closest to the doors and nearest the pickup window, often it sued for team getting together after games. On the wall is painted a massive Wildcat, the Delmar High School mascot, seeming to leap from the wall in the midst of all the different sports balls played at the school, and celebrated in the Carryout section of Delmar pizza.

It’s kind of appropriate that the restaurant is named for the town. Again, it is a responsibility they take seriously and work to live up to.

“The truth is, Delmar Pizza is more than a local restaurant” probably appeared in the Business Journal published by Morningstar or the Metropolitan, but I honestly can’t recall or discover.

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