Maddy from GCFL Productions

Life at the Beach: The happy hour todcast

This week Todd and Tony speak with Maddy from GCFL Productions who just has leapt into bartending about her move to the beach, and she hips us to the (quasi-derogative) term “Shoobie” as a tourist alternative.

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We record at about 4 p.m. Each Wednesday on the second floor of Bethany Blues in Bethany Beach. It’s an important distinction since there also is one in Lewes.
Feel free to come by and hang out or to reach out to us through the site and we can schedule you to be a guest. The only thing you need to be on the show is a willingness to talk about living at the beach.
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The Happy Hour Todcast: Life at the Beach is a weekly show interviewing people who make their living working at the beach. It’s a (sometimes-alcohol-infused) look at the very specific approach to the work/life balance that comes with living in a resort region.

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