The Best Way to Have a Clandestine Beer Tasting

The Best Way to Have a Clandestine Beer Tasting

Dogfish Head’s Dan Ryan brought a couple of beers to the show and held a clandestine beer tasting during which he slipped back into character. 

Dan loves talking about beer. On the face of it, that seems to make sense, but the beer and talking came a long time before the job. Dan is an enthusiastic dude when it comes to lots of things, and he’s good at letting his enthusiasm shine through.

He joined Todd and Tony in this episode to talk about podcasts, oddly enough, but he also brought some beer to sample, which was genuinely nice of him. The thing was, whenever Dan opened one of the beers he brought to taste, he would take us through it’s history and makeup. Of course, he brought a pumpkin beer with him.

This Is the Year to Stop Railing Against Pumpkin Beers

It is the time of the year when many if not most beer drinkers engage in the annual celebration of or railing against pumpkin beers. The earliest of the fall seasonals already are on the shelves of your favorite shops and many more will be released over the coming weeks.

Happy Birthday to Todd

Todd celebrated his birthday this week and, oddly enough, it included slitter press on tattoos. The bigger point, though, was that celebrating one’s birthday in Rehoboth Beach provides all sorts of opportunities to walk that line between pretend and real adulthood. The beach’s attraction is tied as much to it’s connection with the carefree as it is with the ocean.

If there is any upside at all to being older than 40 it likely is that you can choose to be vaguely irresponsible without consequence. That is, you can embrace that carefree element of a crazy night out without doing too much damage to your reputation, provided you have that kind of history and charisma. Todd has both.

Tony Gets Deburgered

As reported here earlier, Tony was asked to judge the alt-burger competition at the Delaware Burger Battle. Unfortunately, he was relieved of his potential duties because a turkey burger (which is, in fact, meat but also alt) got added to the list. It’s better for the competition, but not great for Tony’s vegetarian judging ego.

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