When Should You Call the Cops on Your Neighbor?

When Should You Call the Cops on Your Neighbor?

Living in communities sometimes means bumping up against different personalities. Disputes are bound to arise. The big this week is: When should you call the cops on your neighbor?

The answer probably is never, but Todd and Tony hash out a couple of scenarios. It should go without saying that they talk about petty annoyances, here; not domestic violence or child or elder abuse. Obviously call the cops for that.

What about pet neglect or noise? Poor lawn maintenance or general property condition? The question becomes as much about the kinds of relationships we develop with the people who live around us than any perceived nuisances.

In this episode we talk about when it’s cool to confront neighbors, knocking on doors to warn about a party you’ll be having, etc. In the end it’s all about cultivating rapport and trust. Making the kind of neighborhood where you never would call the cops on one another, or at least one would hope.

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Pot for Grownups?

This episode also includes a primer on buying pot from legal sources if you’re a grownup and never have done it before. To be honest, it can be a little intimidating, but among the many upsides for legal pot is the retail people are super nice and helpful. As parents of older children, Todd and Tony try and come to grips with the responsibilities and possibilities of the changing laws and mores surrounding cannabis.

 Another Big Question

The big question for the next episode is: What Makes a Drink Girly and Why Do We Care?

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