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For background, a few years ago, some friends and I tried to do a live storytelling event in Snow Hill but it became unworkable. My hope is we’ll have better luck in Salisbury. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to participate in a storytelling program at Wor-Wic and it was really a lot of fun. Speaking with some of the other participants, I thought it was something we could modify into a smaller, monthly event.

The result is “One True Thing,” a night of narrative nonfiction, memoir and essay. It will be held 7 – 8:30 p.m. the third Thursday of each month at The Brick Room in Salisbury.

The stories should be on the theme for the month (the first six themes are listed below) and top out at 2,500 words. The event is inspired in part by “The Moth” in that they have to be true stories but if you’re more comfortable they can be told with notes or flat-out read. At 2,500 words the stories should take between 10 and 15 minutes to tell. Each month will feature five storytellers.

I’ll be recording these and turning them into a podcast. While you (obviously?) retain all rights to your work, by participating you agree and understand that I’ll be publishing your work as part of a compilation podcast. Previously published material is perfectly acceptable as long as me recording it for a show doesn’t violate any of your other agreements.

I am notoriously unclear about things like this, so if there’s anything you don’t get or need to be clarified, feel free to ask. You can email me here.  I assure you if you don’t understand, that’s on me.

Here are the topics for the first six months and potential (but not exhaustive) interpretations of the themes.

January 16: Be It Hereby Resolved Stories about resolutions, sure, but also stories about being resolute. The title tends to suggest laws and ordinances as well. *SUBMISSIONS CLOSED*

February 20: Anything but Love Well past Valentine’s Day, stories about things we wish we didn’t like, stories about irresistibility. SUBMISSIONS CLOSED

March 19: Murphy’s Law What can go wrong, will go wrong. SUBMISSIONS OPEN 

April 16: Burn It Down Intentional endings, reboots, do-overs and new starts. SUBMISSIONS OPEN

May: Crash Landing The other kind of May Day. SUBMISSIONS OPEN FEBRUARY 1

June: False Promises June is traditionally the month where you make summer plans you don’t accomplish. SUBMISSIONS OPEN MARCH 1

You can subscribe to the One True Thing newsletter, which will publish calls for submissions as they open as well as updates on each event as it happens. 

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