guiding eyes for the blind

Volunteers at Guiding Eyes for the Blind make a pretty special concession when they sign up. They get a puppy to raise and help train, but then they have to give the dog to someone who needs it more. Kate Travers doesn’t measure her time with her new lab puppy Diana in years, she measures it in shelves. Every time she has to puppy-proof another shelf, she tacks on a year to Diana’s age. Diana just turned “three shelves tall” this summer, but Travers won’t have her for very many more shelves. As a volunteer for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a company that trains service dogs, Travers will raise Diana for about 18 months and then return her trained, socialized and ready to learn to be a guide dog. It is a massive undertaking, but if she’s diligent enough to train Diana sufficiently, she can continue to train puppiesContinue Reading

patsys restaurant bethany beach

Patsy’s Restaurant used to be the new kid on the block, then one day it was part of the establishment. When her mom, Patsy, opened the now-iconic Bethany Beach restaurant Robin Rankin took up running the front of the house, hostessing, waiting tables, whatever was needed to help get the family restaurant on its feet. Before too long, though, she made her way back into the kitchen. After all, the mother/daughter team each had attended L’academie de Cuisine in Bethesda to help them each elevate their cooking skills. Patsy’s focus had been in bread and pastries when the family lived in Washington D.C. and she brought those sensibilities to bear when she opened her eponymous restaurant, which started with more of a sandwich shop vibe. By the time Robin moved into the kitchen in 2005 Patsy’s Restaurant in Bethany Beach was transitioning to more of a casual/fine dining place. Patsy’sContinue Reading

Manhattans at big fish

Whether she’s making Manhattans at Big Fish or just pulling beers, to bartender Michele Smith, everyone is a regular. A small group of bartenders and servers were waiting around the bar at Big Fish in Rehoboth. Not really hanging out, more like checking in. The beach restaurant usually has a line outside prior to opening and, for as much anticipation as people have to come in there was a proportionate amount on the inside among the staff. The bartenders and servers were checking in with Michele Smith, who had the evening off but still carries the kind of quiet authority that comes with 17 years behind the bar. Colleagues peppered her with “hellos” and “what are you going heres” but mostly they wanted to know whether she thought Gary was bringing macadamia nut cookies. Some regulars bring her the occasional gift, but on Thursdays Gary could be counted upon toContinue Reading