nanticoke watershed alliance kids

Each year as volunteers for the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance (NWA) wade in at Trap Pond to measure the water clarity it is about more than just collecting information, it is about an attitude. As the nonprofit that is responsible for tracking the health of the watershed, the NWA is cultivating a culture of people who both understand and care about the ecosystem’s health. That is why it is so important to have kids involved. Trap Pond State Park in Laurel, Del. is a campground as well as a nature preserve, where people travel in to kayak, canoe, fish and even birdwatch. The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance Wade In incorporates kids as well as adult volunteers in the event as a way of recruiting conservationists of the future as much as to bring a little depth to the children’s day camp experience.  For the adults, the idea is to give them anContinue Reading

It has been more than a decade since George Sakellis and his sister, Maria Sakellis, moved to the area and established Laurel Pizzeria and more has happened in the ensuing decade than either originally had imagined. They were drawn to Laurel because of the opportunity the town presented. It was a town, they thought, on the move with a nice balance of older people and young families. From George’s perspective, it was a great place for a start. If you had asked him then, his 10 year plan might not have included growing old in Laurel but times change and roots get planted. Within the first few years both he and Maria had become attached to the town and its people. George has begun raising a family in town and the siblings have become not only prominent and respected business owners, but also good friends and neighbors both personally andContinue Reading