Why Are You Still Wearing That Stupid Novelty Tee Shirt?

novelty tee shirt

Novelty tee shirts really are worn by good people at their worst.

In this episode we deal with the difficulty of novelty clothing. Sometimes when you’re on vacation you buy an item that you think is funny. Even on the outside chance that you’re right and the novelty is funny, there’s no way it stays that way.

Take hair hats as an example. If you’re not familiar, the hair hat is and piece of apparel guys (usually older, balder guys) where that makes it look as if they’re wearing a visor and have short spiky hair sticking through it.It makes you look like Guy Fieri. The cold, sad truth is they’re just a bald guy wearing a wig with a visor sewn to the bottom.

We feel as if this was invented by people who really hated the kind of guy who would wear a hair hat like this in a fit of hyper-ironic spite. From there it isn’t a long walk to start considering Boardwalk tee shirts.

Novelty tees on the boardwalk range from banal to embarrassingly juvenile to horrific. It’s not difficult to figure out what motivates people to buy a novelty tee shirt (it almost certainly has something to do with the consequence-less attitude that comes with being on vacation). What’s tough is imagining what motivates people to keep one.

Novelty Tee Shirt Author Hell

Todd and Tony consider¬†the people conceiving, writing and selling these.¬†Which brings them to consider what kinds of things people will write for money, especially if that is a person’s primary living and only skill.

After all, people write porn, ad copy, research papers for business majors and other things they probably don’t brag about to their mom. Tony talks about looking into jobs like this. The temptation is a real one, especially when the alternative is having a straight job.

The Big Question

In the next episode, Todd and Tony will consider using tech at the beach. When are vacation selfies inappropriate? How about checking your phone generally? What’s are some of the best and worst pieces of tech etiquette you’ve seen at the beach?

Show Notes

In the show Tony mentions this clip. It is provided here as promised.



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