What Are the Best Ways to Spend Halloween at the Beach?

halloween at the beach

There’s something significantly different about celebrating Halloween in a resort. First off, resorts are bar-heavier than most other places. It isn’t that there are more bars as a percentage, only that bars (and restaurants) are a significantly more important part of the culture. When Halloween rolls around, the upside of this disposition is a Halloween week.

Some places have a Halloween weekend but from Lewes to Cape Charles, there are resorts celebrating Halloween all week. It’s really like the last 10 days or so of October is an extended Halloween holiday.

In this episode Todd and Tony talk about the different annual Halloween events at the beach and what makes them different. They also cover what makes them all part of the same inclusive celebration.

Some places just celebrate better than others. And although this doesn’t mean that if your HOA is anti Halloween it is an inferior place to live, but it probably could be used as evidence in a trial about why some neighborhoods (and neighbors) are just better than others.

Halloween in Rural America

A lot of what Todd and Tony get into is the disconnect between a rural halloween and a less-rural one. In much of civilization, there tend to be neighborhoods that participate and neighborhoods that don’t, but in rural America (or at least the Delmarva part of rural America), there’s an additional twist. There are some towns that participate more than others and then within those towns there are neighborhoods that do it better than others.

Although Tony isn’t proud to live in Delmar, he talks about how cool it is to be part of a neighborhood that participates in Halloween, decorating houses, giving out candy and all-in-all making a thing out of the holiday.

With the exception of cancelling Halloween when it conflicts with high school football (something that must effect property values), Delmar does a pretty good job at Halloween. Berlin, where Todd lives, does a legendary job, drawing people from all the pathetic, faux-gated anti-Halloween communities around the area.

Annual Halloween Celebrations

From events like the Sea Witch in Bethany to Spirits of Halloween, are huge draws. After all, Trick or Treating can be dicey, especially when it comes to finding the better neighborhoods, but annual events ensure not only participation but also an opportunity to make sure you’re around people intent on having a good time, rather than frowny-faced sticks-in-the-mud who hate Halloween.

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