What Are Your Favorite Desert Island Questions?

What are your favorite desert island questions

Are “desert island questions” are worth answering and asking?

We long have wondered what “Desert Island Questions” are for. Ostensibly they’re conversation starters but, when you think about it, they’re really an opportunity to argue for the sake of arguing. Alternatively, they’re an opportunity to better get to know a person or get to know more about a person without having to get too personal. Whichever the case, their point leaves us conflicted, as if they’re not really serious questions at all.

In this episode, Todd and Tony try to get a handle on desert island questions, especially given that the beach is something of a desert island now that the off season truly is underway. The problem isn’t just about whether they’re good questions in general but, rather, what makes any list of favorite things something we like talking about.

Good Coffee, Bad Coffee

On their way to answering the question, Tony has an admission to make: He makes bad coffee. It was a realization he had while staying at a friend’s house. His claim is that most other people’s coffee tastes thinner than his. For the better part of the last century, he chalked that up to people just making inferior coffee to his. This lates experience, though, showed him that it was he, and not everyone else, who was doing it wrong.

Making super strong coffee is akin to preferring burned toast or well done steak. Even if you like it, you have to admit that is says a little more about your palate than it does about everyone else’s. You don’t have to change, but it’s a little obnoxious to walk around wondering why so few people appreciate the culinary superiority of burned toast.

As with the desert island question, the point of this episode is learning to navigate the differences between food, experiences, art, etc. that you just like because you like it, and instances of those things that objectively are superior. Whichever is the case, you have to have the courage (or lack of pride) to appreciate it.

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