Would You Buy or Use a Self-Driving Car?

self driving cars

In this episode, Todd and Tony discuss the benefits and challenges involved in owning and using a self-driving car here at the beach. It isn’t just that traffic here goes from no one on the road to gridlock over the course of a couple weeks each year, although that’s a factor. The debate centers around an even bigger question about trading autonomy for convenience, which they tackle in pretty great depth.

Other considerations include people out of town who visit their beach houses on the weekends can get so much more done during the commute, drinking and whether not having to actually navigate the traffic makes it easier to bear.

They also cover shouting at babies (don’t do it) and whether planning your evening drink first thing in the morning or ever drinking Fireball is worse.

In each episode hosts Todd DeHart and Tony Russo tackle a big question but contextualize it for resort living. As Todd puts it, it’s like the Chinese fortune cookie game: Ask a question and then add, “At the Beach.”


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