Famous People, Whiskey and Summertime Madness with Zac Warner

Famous People, Whiskey and Summertime Madness with Zac Warner

Zac Warner, who runs Bethany Blues in Bethany Beach pops by to talk summertime madness at the beach with Todd and Tony.

Zac talks about how the restaurant has been going the extra yard with allergy requests, keeping the bourbon selection fresh and trying to walk the balance between the being a “good” restaurant, being a “family” restaurant and being a “beach” restaurant.

Bethany Blues restaurant takes its bourbon really seriously, and Zac talks about the different whiskies they have that are from barrels exclusive to the restaurant. That is, it literally is the only place in the world where you can get this specific whisky.

Huge 10x10 Ft Towel

Among some of his cool stories are dealing with barefoot people in the snow, getting through the Fourth of July week and pushing on into the fall.

Summertime Madness with Zac Warner

One of the primary challenges for people working at the beach is adjusting their attitude toward the summer. In a lot of resort shops and restaurants July is the make or break point. Sometimes resort workers can get downright hostile to tourists, which I always thought was weird. I like to kid, but if I had the deep and abiding hatred for tourists, I’d find a different line of work.

To be fair, though, I’m not in the service industry. The point is, when we were talking summer madness with Zach Warner he said that making Bethany Blues a nice, fun place to work takes the edge off. People behave well when they don’t hate their jobs, so he tries to make it so that they like their jobs. That way, when things get hairy they know they’ll be able to endure it.

One Cool Thing

Each week we have a segment called “One Cool Thing” where we discuss, predictably one cool thing that happened to us during the week. This week:

The Punisher (John Bernthal) was vacationing in town, which led to a discussion of the multiple celebrities who vacation at Bethany Beach.

A child petting one of the manager’s beards

Tony losing track of the conversation and forgetting to add his One Cool Thing during the segment

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